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Support the Cause

Support the cause! Just about all of us have received the emails, texts, popups and, when someone at a nonprofit is feeling particularly old school, snail mail seeking our support for worthy efforts. I don’t know about any of you, but my first thought is usually “Yeah, OK…so what the heck is my money actually going
to be used for?” It feels like renting a movie but not being able to pick what I’m going to watch, or going to the grocery store and being given someone else’s bag of food. Sure, maybe that random film is going to be awesome, but I’d rather pick something myself, thank you very much.

Believe it or not, but nonprofits usually feel the same way. Most would love to tell their potential supporters what they’re working on and hoping to do next, but traditionally they’ve got to cast a wide net, which keeps things kinda bland. And that is what we wanted to change. All projects on Donorvest are exactly that; projects, posted by registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, where donors like you and I can learn exactly what it is, how much it’ll cost, what it will accomplish, and the follow up that’ll demonstrate that everything was completed as promised. No donating to a cause; just real projects that have clear, tangible results. Because you don’t need someone else picking the movie for you.

Case in point was one of our earliest partners; a conservation nonprofit that had acquired a beautiful savanna in suburban Chicago that’s home to some massive, truly historic oak trees, including one that’s over 350 years old (for those keeping score at home, it’s been growing there since long before not only
George Washington was born, but before his Dad was born). The nonprofit wanted to clean up and restore the land so that the trees, other plants, and the animals that call it home could thrive for another 350 years. So they put together a plan, and a local organization thought it was so good that they
offered to pay 75% of the cost…if the nonprofit could raise the other 25% from their supporters.

And support it the people did. After posting the project on Donorvest where they explained what they wanted to do and how they’d accomplish it, the nonprofit raised everything they needed in under a month, accepting the check while standing beneath the bows of that ancient oak tree. The land is being
restored, and future generations will be able to walk and play beneath branches that saw the birth of the United States. That is what Donorvest is all about. Connecting donors and nonprofits to accomplish great things. Project by project!