How it works

Ever given to a nonprofit? Do you like being asked to support a cause you believe in without having any say in what your money is going to be used for? Neither do we.

Are you a nonprofit? Do you have a lot of fun trying to explain absolutely everything you do in that single annual appeal? Nope, that doesn’t sound too fun to us, either.

Donorvest brings nonprofits together with the millions of individual donors who make their work possible. But rather than supporting an organization or cause at large, as a donor you can...

  • Fund specific projects, each with a clearly defined plan that will deliver tangible results.

  • Know precisely where your money is going and what it’s being used to accomplish.

  • Receive project updates so that you know exactly what’s getting done.

Your donation isn’t a gift, it’s an investment. An investment in better schools and a cleaner environment; in cultural enrichment and economic development; in scientific exploration and medical breakthroughs.

So, how exactly does this work?


First, you find a project that you’re interested in; search by over a dozen different subject areas for projects in your city or state, or take a look at some of the projects we think you might like. Then you donate to that project. That’s it. Seriously. Donorvest keeps a small 5% of your donation so that we can continue to bring you new opportunities and ways to help your community.

Everything else goes to supporting the project you selected!


Once the project has been fully funded the nonprofit receives the money that’s been pledged and the fun begins. After the work has been completed, you’ll receive a report from the nonprofit detailing exactly what was accomplished.

  • If you think the project delivered on what it promised give it a thumbs up; if not, tell the world how things can be improved in the future.

  • If the project doesn’t raise enough money to launch you can move your donation to a different project; you always know exactly what your donation will be used for.

It really is that simple! No organizational overhead, no administrative costs. All of your money (minus that 5%) goes directly to your project. And because all projects on Donorvest are run by registered nonprofit organizations, every cent you donate is tax deductible.


Posting a project is easy. When you register an account we’ll ask for your IRS-provided EIN number. Once your nonprofit status has been verified you can begin posting projects for potential donors to review and support.

Just remember that all projects need to have a tangible deliverable to show your donors what you’ve accomplished!