Donorvest is a way for nonprofits & donors to raise money for projects.

Our philosophy is simple. Project-based philanthropy. What’s that? Simple. Tell me what you’re going to do, then get it done! All projects have tangible results. Donors always know exactly what their money will be used for.

How It Works – Nonprofit Organizations

  1. Setup and register your nonprofit here
  2. Launch your project fundraiser
  3. Promote your page on social media
  4. Celebrate sweet, sweet success
  5. Share updates with your donors
  6. Show your donors how things turned out

Getting Paid

Once your project campaign ends, we’ll immediately process your donations and send you a check within 48 hours.

Program Fees

Nonprofits can raise funds for an unlimited number of projects. Donorvest charges a standard platform fee of 6.9% (to keep our lights on). Take this into account when setting your fundraising goal!

Tax Receipts

Donorvest handles all the backend for you, providing donors with a tax deductible receipt upon completion of their donation.

If you have any questions about how Donorvest works, please feel free to contact us.

How It Works – Donors

First, you find a project that you’re interested in, then you donate to that project. That’s it. Seriously. Donorvest keeps a small percentage of your donation so that we can continue to bring you new opportunities and ways to help your community.

Everything else goes to supporting the project you selected!

Nonprofits can raise money for their projects under one of two types of fundraiser. Either they can commit to launching and completing the project even if the fundraiser doesn’t quite meet its target, or they can commit to going forward after and only after it hits its goal. Either way, you always know exactly what your donation will be used for.

Once the fundraiser’s been completed the nonprofit receives the money that’s been donated and the fun begins. After the work has been completed, you’ll receive a report from the nonprofit detailing exactly what was accomplished. If you think the project delivered on what it promised give it a thumbs up; if not, tell the world how things can be improved in the future.

It really is that simple! No organizational overhead, no administrative costs. All of your money goes directly to your project. And because all projects on Donorvest are run by registered nonprofit organizations, every cent you donate is tax deductible.