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We want your donations going towards projects, not our bottom line. To ensure that continues to happen, once a project has been fully funded and the nonprofit has received your donations, DonorVest invoices the nonprofit for 5% of the project’s value, which covers the cost of bank transaction fees (the charges that financial institutions add to any credit card transaction) and supports our operations.

All projects are posted and run by legally recognized nonprofits, charities, and religious institutions, which are collectively known as 501(c)3 organizations.

501(c)3 refers to a section of the U.S. tax law, and covers all tax exempt organizations, including nonprofits, charities and religious institutions.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service determines whether an organization qualifies for this status.

Because Donorvest is devoted to project-based philanthropy, with each project being committed to specific, clearly defined results, and backed by the commitment of the nonprofit organization itself, independent fundraisers are a bit outside of our specialty. However, don’t despair! There are a wide variety of web services that focus on just this sort of fundraising support. Do a quick web search, set up a page, and best of luck in your fundraising!

Nonprofits receive 85% of the funds committed to the project via electronic transfer as soon as the project is fully funded (i.e., it’s achieved its fundraising goal). This is to ensure that the nonprofit has all of the resources required to complete the project that you’ve committed to support…before your donation goes anywhere. The remaining 15% is disbursed once the project has been finished, so that you can be assured both that the project will be completed as promised and that the nonprofit will remember to post an update showing everything that they accomplished!

While a traditional donation is credited to a project’s fundraising goal immediately (i.e., the project has raised $100, you donate $50, so now the project has raised $150), a matching pledge, as the name implies, matches someone else’s donation, and isn’t credited to the project’s fundraising goal until that other donation is made.

So, for example, you make a matching pledge of $50 to a project that’s raised $100. The project has still raised only $100. Another donor makes a $20 donation. Your pledge matches their donation. The project has now raised $140 ($100+$20+$20). The remaining $30 of your pledge will match a future donation.

Matching pledges enable you to make every dollar you donate go twice as far while also helping the project attract more support by showing other potential donors that their donations will also go twice as far (or even further, if there are multiple matching pledges dedicated to a project!).

Yep, definitely. You’ll always have the option to convert your pledge to a traditional donation, so if the project is just shy of reaching its fundraising goal and you want to push it over the top, you can do so with ease.

Any portion of your pledge that isn’t used to match another donation before the project meets its fundraising goal is returned to your Donorvest wallet, and can be used to donate to a different project (either as another matching pledge or as a traditional donation).

If a project isn’t able to meet its fundraising goal, you’ll receive an email inviting you to reallocate your donation to another project.

Your donor portfolio contains all of the projects you’re supporting, projects we think you might like, and your donor history. It’s all recorded right here.

You bet. Simply log in to your account and you can download a complete list of your donations the previous year for use when completing your tax forms.