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What is this project?

The Wolf Oak is 30’ tall and its trunk is 5’ feet wide. Its branches have spread so far, the tree is nearly as wide as it is tall. Many of its massive limbs touch the ground.

The Wolf Oak has watched over wolves and bison roaming the land and has likely witnessed the lives of Native Americans and the early European settlers.

At one time 40% of McHenry County was covered with oak woods and savannas. Today, only about 4% of McHenry County has oak woods, and most are on private land.

The public has little access to important ecological areas like these, which is why TLC purchased Wolf Oak Woods from the Clark family in 2017.

Today, thousands of people (maybe even you) drive past the Wolf Oak each day. Its highly visible location is a great opportunity to transform Wolf Oak Woods into a place where people can learn about the natural history of our region and the ecological issues we face today. And experience the beauty of nature.


Wolf Oak Woods is more than trees. It’s home to wetland, savanna, sedge meadow and a bluff. It’s a snapshot of what the natural landscape in McHenry County once was. Native wildflowers like shooting star and dutchman’s breeches make their home in the woodland.

TLC and its dedicated volunteers have been working to transform Wolf Oak Woods into an ambassador site for oak conservation.

What will this project accomplish?

Wolf Oak Woods has come a long way, but we need your help!

If we raise $7,500 by Nov. 21, we will receive a 3-for-1 matching grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation. That’s $28,000 to continue to transform and care for Wolf Oak Woods!

The money will be used to remove the invasive species that overtake oak trees, buy and plant native seed to welcome birds and butterflies, and purchase a brush mower to care for Wolf Oak Woods.

Plans are also in the works to create a parking area, construct a trail system and install educational signs.

You can help preserve and restore one of our county’s oldest natural landmarks! And make a difference in McHenry County.

Please donate to help Wolf Oak Woods today! It’s as easy as clicking the “Donate” button above! For every dollar you give, Wolf Oak Woods will receive three dollars. If you donate $20, Wolf Oak Woods will receive an additional $60 for a total of $80! The best time to donate is now!

Together we can preserve and share the beauty of Wolf Oak Woods for our children and for generations to come.

Thank you!