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What is this project?

For over 50 years Parkland Foundation has been dedicated to restoring and protecting the waters of the Mackinaw River in McLean and Woodford counties, IL as well as the surrounding prairies, savannas, and forests.  Part of keeping these lands healthy are regular “prescribed burns” of prairies and savannas.

This is a controlled fire, under specific weather conditions, conducted by experts to keep ecosystems that depend on fire healthy.  That’s right!  Prairies and savannas need fire to be healthy.

What will this project accomplish?

While prairies and savannas will catch fire as part of their natural lifecycles, prescribed burns help to reduce the potential for catastrophic damage not only to wildlife but also to the homes and communities nearby.  Think about the damage uncontrolled forest fires cause.  Uncontrolled prairie and savanna fires can have the same consequences.  Thus, prescribed burns help both humans and wildlife by

–          Safely reducing excessive brush and shrubs, especially non-natives

–          Encourage new growth of native vegetation

–          Maintain the plants and animals whose habitats rely on these fires

ParkLands Foundation needs equipment in order to do these necessary burns.  Because of the specific nature of these burns a regular lawn mower just doesn’t cut it (no pun intended).  A brush mower, one of the tools we need, costs $4,000 all on its own!

Please help us raise the money for this equipment so we can continue keeping McLean and Woodford counties healthy and thriving, and so that the public can enjoy visiting these sites in perpetuity

As proof of completion, a bill of sale and photographs will be provided to donors 3 months after the project is funded, no later than March 31, 2020.

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