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Students showcase their learning in a public-facing format through the digital humanities, art murals, photographic essay, museum exhibit, and ultimately a full stage performance in collaboration with a local theatre company.  Other events include “Living History Nights,” where students, families, and the greater Waukegan community come together to share/record stories and digitize artifacts related to their lakefront experience. See the project in action.

Finally, the Waukegan Historical Society, Waukegan Harbor Citizens’ Advisory Group, and Waukegan Public Library are collaborating with CLE to guide students as they build a future bilingual community digital archive that reflects the richness and diversity of the city.

Equipment is needed to help students explore their local community and its relationship with the greatest resource in their front yard: Lake Michigan. This project operates annually with new and returning students, ensuring the equipment we hope to procure will be used for years to come.  With this equipment and technical expertise provided by local professionals our students dig into the past with an eye on the future!

What will this project accomplish?

The money donated will be used to buy equipment including, but not limited to the following:

– 8 cameras
– 6 scanners (2 hand, 2 touch-free, 2 copier-scanners)
– lighting equipment
– tripods (for cameras, lighting, etc.)
– 2 projectors
– video editing software

This is just some of the equipment we hope to buy with your donation.  We envision students mastering the use of the equipment which in turn may better position them for future success in related professions and will certainly build confidence.

The final products from the oral history project will include the following:

1) Student-led organization of and participation in a series of community history nights designed to collect and digitally preserve artifacts belonging to ordinary citizens;

2) Public facing exhibit at the Waukegan Historical Society and Public Library;

3) Artistic representation in the form of photo essays, murals, stage performance and others;

4) Bilingual interactive community digital archive available to the public

As proof of completion, photographs and video will be provided to donors 3 years after the project is funded, no later than November 1, 2022.

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