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What is this project?

Ecologists consider invasive species second only to habitat loss as the greatest threat to the earth’s biodiversity.  The Land Conservation Foundation wants to raise $5,000 for control of invasive plant species in three natural areas in Central Illinois: Mettler Woods Nature Preserve, the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve, and the Brady Tract.  We are targeting:

– bush honeysuckle

– autumn olive

– garlic mustard

– tree-of–heaven

– oriental bittersweet

– common buckthorn

What will this project accomplish?

The control of invasive species is an ongoing task.  Due to seed dispersal, it is extremely difficult to eradicate a species from an area.  In April 2018, we pulled 550 pounds of garlic mustard from only one site!  However, it is still vital we do everything we can to control these plants so they do not completely wipe out native plants.

Thus, our goal is to focus on one area at a time and try to remove all or most of a species and then move to the next section.  The long-term goal is to reduce what does grow each year to a level that is manageable by human intervention and does not interfere with native plants.

As proof of completion, photographs and a final report will be provided to donors 1 year after the project is funded, no later than January 15, 2021.

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